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Who we are

Migdalor is a pre-service military preparatory program (Mechinah) designed to promote social leadership among youth from the social periphery, and to reduce social gaps within Israeli society by strengthening its students and enhancing their sense of connectedness to the State of Israel and Israeli society.


The Mechina accompanies its students, at no cost to them, for the long term - throughout their preparatory year, their military service, their academic training, and their entry into the work force.

The Mechinah strengthens its students by imbuing and developing within them a sense of responsibility, values-based leadership, and social activism within the framework of a comprehensive academic program focusing on the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, and through collaborative activities in the field and at sea that empower them to overcome challenges individually and as a group.

The naval dimension provides a central and unique platform for the personal and collective growth of the students.


The Mechinah aspires to instill knowledge and skills on an individual level through practical experience that strengthens each student’s sense of competence and proficiency.

מי אנחנו

In memory of brothers Barak and Amichai Itkis RIP

combat officers in the IDF

Second Lieutenant Barak Itkis

Major Amichai Itkis

In the Mechinah, we have set as our goal, in memory of fallen soldiers of the IDF, brothers Second Lieutenant Barak Itkis and Major Amichai Itkis,to educate, instill a love of the Land of Israel, and provide our students with their first opportunity for success, stability, and a powerful experience of achievement in order to reinforce their sense of attachment to the state and the mosaic of Israeli society


"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water"

על המכינה
אז מה נעשה

What we do

Enhancing Physical and Emotional Strength

The students are examing and reinforce their personal strength through experiential activities in a number of areas and challenging tests designed to increase their ability to withstand the tribulations of military service and civilian life, including:

•   A differentiated program of drills appropriate for each student;

•   Challenging activities at sea to develop physical and emotional coping skills;

•   Battlefield Protocol – combat discourse and analysis of operational and moral      dilemmas;

•   Psychodrama Workshops;

•   Field Exercises – a variety of physical and emotional challenges (e.g. a week        of survival exercises,navigation, a week of army exercises, etc.)

4 joint training sessions a year with Mossad agents! & additional army training with IDF elite special forces.


Life Skills and Innovativeness

It is important to us that they will succeed not only in their military service, but also in their civilian life. Part of the educational rationale of the Mechinah is to strengthen the life skills of the students.

In addition, the Mechinah places emphasis on developing skills for innovation and managing social projects.

•   Lectures and workshops on innovation and management by leading             professionals in the field;

•   Practical experience in leading and managing projects;

•   Strengthening creative thinking, collaboration skills, and a sense of       competence. 


Zionism and our Heritage

“A nation that doesn’t know its past, its present is poor, and its future will forever be uncertain".Yigal Alon


Acquisition of knowledge and history are the basis for the values and morality from which we will sprout. We will learn about:

•   Modern nationalism;

•   The infrastructure and institutions of the State of Israel as a Jewish and     democratic state;

•   The IDF legacy and the wars of Israel;

•   Contemporary challenges facing Israeli society.


Communal Work – Social Activism

Breaking down the sense of “I am, and there is none else beside me,” and developing the ability to perceive the needs of the “other” and work on his/her behalf, through participation in:

•   A community project established in cooperation with and on behalf of a community;

•   Active and ongoing volunteerism throughout the year.


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Weekly Schedule


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The Staff

צוות המכינה

The Migdalor Team

Our Lecturers

Together We'll Build Your Future

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Post IDF

pre-service military preparatory program full with challenging activities in the sea, volunteering, sessions with IDF specialists and more...
meaningfull army service, accompanied by Migdalor's staff
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